The Lifter Of Heads Will Favor Me

SCRIPTURE READING: PS 3:1-4; GEN 41:14-15; PS 27:6; DAN 6:23; ZECH 1:21; I SAM 16:1-13

CONFESSION: I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love. I will shout and proclaim His goodness to all people. I will tell of His faithfulness and His tender mercies. My life will continue to be a billboard of the goodness and mercies of God. The glory of God upon me will continue to draw multitudes to His kingdom, in the name of Jesus.

O Lord as I approach Your throne of grace and mercy in this hour of prayer, let the blood of Jesus plead for me. O Lord have mercy on me and pardon me for anything I could have done wrong that has become an hinderance to answers to my prayers. Let the blood of Jesus destroy any legal ground any of my adversaries is standing on because of whatever I did wrong in the past. Just as God rebuked Satan when he stood at the right hand of Joshua the high priest to resist him, let the blood of Jesus rebuke all the opposers of God’s goodness in my life. Let all the records of my wrongdoing be erased by the blood of Jesus and let the righteousness of God like a garment come upon me as I pray right now, in the name of Jesus.

I humble myself under Your mighty hand O Lord, and I receive Your lifting. I come against anything and everything that has worked against my rising. I disconnect my destiny from anything in my family background that is currently not supporting my glorious upliftment in life. I disconnect from anyone in my past whose relationship with me has affected my progress. I break free from every negative spiritual attachment with them. O Lord help me to also disconnect physically and spiritually from anyone that is currently holding me back. Let their stronghold over any area of my life be pulled down. Let their wickedness be exposed. O Lord give me the strength that I need to break free from every spiritual entanglement that has worked against me all these years, in the name of Jesus.

It is written that it is not by might nor by power but by Your spirit O Lord, therefore, since it is by Your spirit that those whose heads were lifted up in the Bible and even in the present time are being lifted, therefore by the same Spirit of grace O Lord arise and lift up my head too, in the name of Jesus.

It is written that those who wait on You O Lord shall mount up with wings like an eagle, therefore, for all my years of waiting and hoping in you, let me arise and mount up high like an eagle to the pinnacle of Your goodness in the land of the living. Lead me O Lord to the Rock that is higher than me and there make me partake of Your great power and glory available to the sons of men, in the name of Jesus.

In this month, I will experience the kind of restoration that will make unbelievers to declare that God has done a great thing for me. I will enjoy the kind of extraordinary and supernatural blessing Sarah enjoyed that made her say everyone that hears of her testimony will laugh with her. In this month people will gather with me to celebrate the goodness and the greatness of God in my life. Only the sound of thanksgiving and the noise of joy shall be heard in my habitation. The agenda of the powers of darkness that is bringing sorrow to people across the globe will not prosper in my family, in the name of Jesus.

I will complete whatever I start with success in this month. The grace that empowered Isaac to reap a hundred-fold harvest in a strange land will empower me to enjoy the same harvest. God will favor me with sweatless and struggle-free blessings. I will call for one and ten thousand shall answer me. I will remain at the head position and never at the bottom of the ladder. The unusual favor of God will add divine flavor to all that I do and the name of the Lord will be magnified in my life, in the name of Jesus.

  • Unto the Bishop of my soul, my Glory and the Lifter of my head I bow my knees in adoration, in the name of Jesus.
  • I return all the praise, glory and honor for all You did for me last month, in the name of Jesus.
  • I invite the special angelic forces of God into this house right now, in the name of Jesus.
  • Let the light of God from heaven shine over this house and neighborhood brighter than ever, in the name of Jesus.
  • O Lord make Your favor surround me just as mountains surround Jerusalem, in the name of Jesus.
  • Since You are the only One that can lift up my head, O Lord arise for me and lift up my head above my adversaries, in the name of Jesus.
  • O Lord lift up my head just as the head of Joseph was lifted above his brothers and Potiphar’s family, in the name of Jesus.
  • Just as Daniel heard the voice of the king asking him to come up from the den where his enemies wanted him, let me hear my own voice of promotion, in the name of Jesus.
  • Just as David made it to the throne that king Saul fought him not to get to, let me get to every position of honor my enemies have been fighting me never to get to, in the name of Jesus.
  • By the spirit of faith that I have in You, I decree and declare that my situations are getting better and better, in the name of Jesus.
  • I shall not continue to remain in this position, I am moving forward and no force of darkness can stop me, in the name of Jesus.
  • O Lord arise and do what only You can do for me to move up higher in the ladder of life, in the name of Jesus.
  • I receive my own divine connection with the Destiny Helper God has chosen to lift me up, in the name of Jesus.
  • Let the same grace that moved Esther from being a common foreigner to becoming the queen come upon me and move me up to where God has reserved for me, in the name of Jesus.
  • By the grace of God upon my life I will not make any mistake that will set me back, in the name of Jesus.
  • I will hear God like Samuel concerning situations I need God’s guidance, in the name of Jesus.
  • I will experience open heaven vision like Jacob so that my faith in God concerning my future can become stronger, in the name of Jesus.
  • In this new month, I will enjoy speedy answers to all my prayers, in the name of Jesus.
  • Let the peace of God that passes all understanding reign in this country, in the name of Jesus.
  • Father Lord I am grateful for answering all these prayers, in the name of Jesus.