Success is in the mind of God for you, because it is written that God’s thoughts towards you are for peace and not for evil so that you can always have your expected end. Therefore, success will be your portion where others have already failed and where some will fail. God will see to it that you escape the traps that made others fell, in the name of Jesus.

Just as Joshua succeeded where Moses failed, you will succeed where the giants before you failed. Samuel succeeded where Eli failed, Mary passed the test Martha failed, prophet Micaiah succeeded where four hundred prophets failed and Jesus recorded an exceedingly great success where all the other messengers of God failed, I decree and declare over you that in this new year your name will only be in the record of the successful people, in the name of Jesus.

The Lord God Almighty will anoint your hands to prosper in anything you touch. He will compass you about with His favor as with a shield. His grace will crown all your efforts. He has already sent His mighty angels ahead of you into 2021 and they have leveled all the mountains and filled all the valleys before you. It is with great peace you will go out and come in all throughout 2021. God will make His face to shine on you and perfect all that concerns you, in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Abraham Adesayo