I have been delivered from darkness.
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I am a child of the most high God. I believe that Jesus came into the world. I believe in Him, and I have confessed Him publicly as my Lord and Savior.

I believe He walked the face of the earth; He was subject to His parents. He was tempted in all ways as any man but did not commit any sin. He suffered hunger and thirst. He did everything as a human being to fulfill the divine requirements that would make Him set humanity free from sin and its consequences. The Bible says I have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace, in the name of Jesus.

By His single sacrifice on the cross of Calvary, God delivered me from the powers of darkness and has conveyed me into the kingdom of the son He loves. The scripture is fulfilled in my life that my soul has escaped as a bird from the snare of the fowlers. The snare is broken, and I have escaped, in the name of Jesus.

By the riches of God’s mercy, I who once was dead in trespasses, have been made alive together with Jesus Christ. God has made me sit in heavenly places with Him. Therefore, no powers of darkness will prevail against my destiny, in the name of Jesus.

I bring the blood of the everlasting covenant against the horns assigned to limit my rising. Just as the craftsmen were assigned to terrify the four horns that scattered Judah so that no man could lift up their head, let the blood of Jesus terrify any horn limiting my financial blessings, my marital blessings, my career blessings, my spiritual blessings, and material blessings, in the name of Jesus.

By the power of life and death on my tongue, I decree double destruction upon anything spiritually programmed to limit me this year. I decree and declare that I shall not be limited by the powers that Jesus already overcame on my behalf. I shall not be hindered by the principalities and rulers of darkness that Jesus already made a public spectacle of, in the name of Jesus.

Through the victory of Jesus over all the powers of darkness, I have victory, and my victory is an everlasting victory, in the name of Jesus.