Confession - Rejecting Negativity and Embracing Destiny!
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I bless the day my conception was divinely permitted to occur in my mother’s womb. I bless every day she carried me in her womb, in the name of Jesus. I bless the day I was born.

 I bless the hour of the day when time started ticking for me on this side of eternity. With the power of life on my tongue, I invoke all relevant heavenly blessings upon my days, weeks, months, and years, in the name of Jesus. 

If there was ever any negative projection against me while in my mother’s womb, I reject it and cancel the effects. 

If there were any negative declarations made by my parents or anyone over me while in the womb, I reject them and nullify them now, in the name of Jesus. 

If there was anything done or permitted by either of my parents while in the womb that has affected the agenda of God for me, I reverse it now by the authority of the Holy Spirit in me. I reverse all forms of bewitchment and enchantment,  in the name of Jesus.

I disconnect my life and my destiny from any negative energy that ever passed through the umbilical cord into me. 

I disconnect my life and my destiny from any problems ever transferred into me through my mother while in her womb, in the name of Jesus. 

I nullify all the spiritual, mental, and emotional consequences of not being the gender either of my parents wished for. The Lord, who made me, knew the best gender for me.

 I am who He wanted me to be before the foundations of the world were laid, and I am grateful for the masterpiece He has crafted in me,  in the name of Jesus. 

Therefore, I reject the spirit causing confusion, the spirit causing delay and denial, the spirit of rejection and hatred, and the spirit of hardship introduced into my life during my incubating period by the actions and inactions of my parents and anyone that had access to me,  in the name of Jesus.

Like Jabez, O Lord, I call on You to bless me indeed and enlarge my territory. O Lord, lay Your good hand upon me and keep me from all evils.

Let Your favor be upon me as my head covering. Let Your glory be my daily garment, and Your grace like my necklace, in the name of Jesus.