All Things Are Possible


    CONFESSION: Father of all grace, clothed with mercies and seating on the throne of kindness, to You I bow my knees. I bring my sacrifice of praise unto You again for all that You have done for my family. I thank You for silencing the accusers of my soul. I thank You for supplying all my needs according to Your riches in glory. I thank You for protection and divine security around my household. I thank You for giving us peace that passes all understanding. O Lord accept my thanksgiving now, in the name of Jesus.

    O Lord let the power of life on my tongue receive fresh anointing of the Holy Ghost. As I make this confession, let heavens respect my faith and endorse my declarations. Let the angels assigned to minister the total counsel of God to the heirs of salvation in this season, locate me even now, in the name of Jesus.

    Without any shadow of doubt I know deep down in my heart that there are angels already sent out by You O Lord to restore fragmented destinies, there some sent out to bring restoration back to where there has been desolation. Some to bring healing to the sick and deliverance to those who are bound in one way or another. There are some of them assigned to bring glad tidings to families that have found favor in the sight of God. Therefore, I position myself by the grace of God to be where my angels will find me. I declare I shall not miss anything God has in store for me in this season, in the name of Jesus.

    I appeal to the highest power contained in the blood of the Lamb of God that is seated on the right hand of the Father. By the level of this power in the blood of Jesus, I overcome every accusation of any adversary. I cancel the power and effects of every condemnation hanging over my life. I remove my name from the hit list of destiny destroyers. I reverse every satanic verdict and judgment passed against me. I cross over from the prison of life to the palace of God’s glory, in the name of Jesus.

    Because I have the privilege to exercise the authority in the name of Jesus, for it is written that whatever I bind in his name on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatever I loose on earth shall also be loosed in heaven. Therefore, by the power in the name of Jesus, I command any spirit walking the land of the living or the dead on an evil errand against my destiny to be bound, in the name of Jesus. I command every assignment against my prosperity to be terminated. I command every negative pronouncement made against me to return back to the senders. I command anything and everything spiritually programmed to work against me to start working for me. I command whatever has been designed to be a curse to me to turn to blessing. I command anyone assigned like Balaam to curse me to start blessing me, in the name of Jesus.

    By this same authority, I command uncommon favor to be released upon my head, my hand, and everything I touch in this month. I loose my destiny helpers from whatever has been holding them down from reaching me. I loose myself from spiritual and financial captivity. I move into the place God has in mind for me in a time like this. A place of peace and plenty. A place of fulfillment and gladness. A place of worshipping Him in spirit and in truth. A place of abundant bearing fruit for God, in the name of Jesus.

    I declare that it is well with my entire household. It is only the noise of joy that shall be heard in our home. We are established in God’s righteousness. We are far from oppression and we shall have no need to be afraid of anything. It will please God to make us wealthy spiritually and physically, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    • O Lord I give You thanks again for all You have done.
    • I am grateful unto You O Lord for bringing me into a time such as this.
    • I thank You for all the new songs I am going to sing unto You as my own sacrifice of praise, in the name of Jesus.
    • I appeal to You O Lord through the blood of Jesus for my total turn around, in the name of Jesus.
    • O Lord lift me up with the hand with which You have been upholding the world, in the name of Jesus.
    • I command my spirit to put on the strength of God like a garment, in the name of Jesus.
    • Let the effects of any judgment passed against me in any assembly of men or spirit, be nullified, in the name of Jesus.
    • Let God arise and perform such signs and wonders that will generate new songs in my life, in the name of Jesus.
    • O Lord, pay me a divine visitation that will make me sing a new song like Hannah, in the name of Jesus.
    • O Lord empower me to sing over the same situation that made me cry, in the name of Jesus.
    • Let the quickening power in the Holy Spirit rest upon my life and bring back to life every good thing that has been paralyzed, in the name of Jesus.
    • Let the principalities and powers ruling this country loose their influence over everything that God has given me, in the name of Jesus.
    • This generation will see the wonders of God through me, in the name of Jesus.
    • The grace to complete my divine assignment is upon me, and I shall not fail God, in the name of Jesus.
    • I will experience victory over all adverse situations like never before, in the name of Jesus.
    • I will sing and dance, yes, I will greatly rejoice in the Lord and nothing shall spoil my joy, in the name of Jesus.
    • Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen.
    By : Pastor Abraham Adesayo Posted on : Friday, May 01, 2016